If you’re concerned about your child’s functional development, it’s best to first speak with your pediatrician. If it’s determined an evaluation is appropriate, your doctor will provide a prescription for an evaluation. After the evaluation, the therapist will analyze the clinical findings and recommend the most appropriate plan to move forward. If treatment is recommended, the specific goals will be addressed, as well as, what you can do to support your child’s program.

  • Call Therapyland to schedule a Tour
  • Complete our Intake Forms and submit 2 days prior to your appointment
  • Get a prescription from your child’s pediatrician for the evaluation
  • Authorization will be obtained from your insurance carrier
  • A combination of parent interview, clinical observations, and standardized assessments will be administered to determine your child’s current level of functioning

Early intervention is essential to reaching optimal progress in the shortest period of time. Therefore, if your child has been evaluated and your therapist recommends services, starting therapy right away is most beneficial.