Therapyland is dedicated to providing the highest quality therapy and education designed to serve each child’s individual potential. Our goal is to create collaborative relationships between parents and therapists in order to achieve effective therapeutic experiences for our clients.

We are committed to the support and growth of our professional team by promoting therapeutic excellence through interdisciplinary teamwork and community outreach.


Thane Brooks, co-founder and CEO of Therapyland, dreamed of an innovative place that would enable his daughter to thrive and progress. He dreamed of a place where other children would benefit from Jaslyn’s existence. Because of her disabilities, a place would be created that would make a difference in the world of many children, their families, and the community. He brainstormed of a brilliant place that parents would want to come and retreat in peace, if even for a little while. This place would be all encompassing of what he would want for families with special children, and having only the most remarkable therapists to collaborate with them. The children would evolve and progress by working with the most advanced tools, and in the friendliest, healthiest, and most welcoming environment. Thane’s aspiration is for Therapyland to be a miracle resource for families, who want the absolute best for their amazing children, and share in his passion for their independence.


Therapyland’s vision is to create multiple opportunities for children to achieve developmental milestones by increasing performance and independence in all environments. Through demonstrated excellence in the most friendly environment, our goal is to provide the best evidence-based practice, in conjunction with clinical expertise.