Welcome to Therapyland! We strive to serve our families and children with the best possible services, including comprehensive learning, collaborative teams of therapists, and a state-of-the art facility. Below are some important steps to help you prepare for your child’s first visit.

To expedite your child’s first visit with us, please complete the provided intake packet and patient forms provided by our patient coordinator. The intake packet will be provided after discussing your child’s needs and any pertinent insurance information. Some information that you should be prepared to provide are the following:

Additionally, please send the following information:

  • Prescription from referring physician to include the Diagnosis Code and orders to Evaluate and Treat for the following therapies; OT, PT, Speech, Feeding Therapy, AAC Therapy, and/or Behavioral (ABA)Therapy
  • Signed Plan(s) of Care for each Evaluation from your child’s current or prior therapy clinic
  • Diagnostic Evaluation from Psychologist or Developmental Pediatrician
  • IEP or IFSP if applicable
  • Photocopy of Insurance Card(s) Front and Back
  • Medicaid information (if applicable)