Transform Your Child’s Life With ABA Therapy Services

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Strive for Excellence

Therapyland’s Intense ABA Program is designed specifically for children with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental disabilities. We provide personalized therapy services to help them develop important communication, social, play, cognitive, and life skills that will support their future success. 

Our program is based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). At Therapyland, we believe every child is unique and our approach to ABA therapy focuses on identifying each child’s specific talents, strengths, and challenges to help them reach their full potential in all areas of life.

Whether your child needs support improving communication skills, social skills, motor skills, or behavioral challenges, we are committed to providing individualized ABA therapy services, with our 1:1 child therapist ratio, to help your child succeed. Through the initial ABA observation and assessment process, our Board Certified Behavior Analysts will learn what the priorities are for the caregivers and determine the child’s strengths as well as unique struggles. With the caregiver’s input, an individualized treatment plan and treatment goals will be developed to ensure all deficits are being addressed.

Recommended intensive 1:1 ABA treatment hours range from 2–8 hours per day, across all 5 days Monday to Friday. Most of our children attend 20–40 hours per week for intensive ABA therapy sessions. We prioritize direct supervision and support from our BCBA’s therapists and limit the number of children in each program to ensure the best possible outcomes. Parent Trainings are at a minimum of 2 per month, with parents learning how to manage any challenging behaviors and increase their child’s skills at home through generalization techniques.

Programming and ABA Therapy

Our Intense ABA Program focuses on teaching adaptive skills important for success at home, in school, and within the community. We utilize a variety of evidence-based methodologies, under the ABA umbrella, including Discrete Trial Training ( DTT), Natural Environment Training (NET), and Verbal Behavior (VB).

At Therapyland, our board-certified behavior analysts and highly trained staff conduct both informal and formal assessments that allow us to develop customized, data-based goals and objectives. Each child’s work and behaviors are tracked daily for progress and needed modifications, as well as shared with the caregivers. This allows us to easily monitor progress and make data-driven decisions about the best treatment strategies for each individual child.

Note: We send daily electronic notes to parents and other approved members of the child’s support system. This ensures that everyone is kept up-to-date on the child’s progress and daily occurrences, enabling them to play a proactive role in their care.

ABA Services

Therapyland utilizes advanced technology-based support, including interactive whiteboards, iPads, touchscreen computers, computer lab access, and motion-activated game systems. The children will enjoy daily exposure to art activities, music interaction, movement, reading, and daily living skills.

Therapyland locations are Georgia’s largest and most advanced all-inclusive pediatric therapy centers. We offer ABA, OT, PT, ST, Feeding Therapy, and AAC devices. Our Intense ABA program allows our children to get multiple therapies all under one roof. Therapyland believes in cross training between different disciplines to allow a better outcome for our children.

At Therapyland, we understand that the success of our ABA program depends on working collaboratively with the family. As an ABA provider, we offer families education and training to ensure that they understand the principles of ABA and can apply them effectively in their own homes. 

Our team of behavior analysts, therapists, and other professionals will provide you with the necessary tools to ensure that your child continues to make progress outside of our center. We offer a variety of parent education and training sessions, including individual and group sessions.

Our Staff

Therapyland is proud to have a team of qualified and experienced professionals. Our highly trained staff is dedicated to pursuing independence for children of all disabilities.

Our staff is comprised of;

  • Board Certified Behavior Analyst
  • Registered Behavior Technicians
  • Direct ABA Therapists

Enroll Your Child in Our Intense ABA Therapy Program

Our comprehensive ABA therapy program is a wonderful way to help your child excel. We have three centers offering ABA therapy services that are conveniently located just outside of Atlanta, GA.

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